Full service studio

Studio Louter specialises in storylines, film and interactives for communicative spaces. It is our mission to enrich the museum experience through a deeper understanding of the story.  We engage our visitors in storylines, by generating intrigue, emotion and amazement.


We are based in an old art school in Amsterdam’s Pipe district. Our full service studio unites all the specialties under a single roof: storyline and concept development, research and content production, design, film and animation production, software development and project management. It is with just as much passion that we take on an extensive and complicated exhibition as we do with a small multimedia application.





Working with Studio Louter, equals working with a dedicated team. We use SCRUM to deliver fully functioning products in a short period of time. We divide projects into deliverable products, which are then ‘sprinted’ to the finish by three teams: the storyline team, the interactive team and the film team. Our experienced project managers keep everything on track.


We believe that any good storyline can be distilled to a core message. This message can only be found in cooperation with the client. Once the storyline is clear, we focus on its execution. To achieve this we are guided by the content and our own creativity; technology makes it possible. The next step is production. We write, illustrate, film, edit, animate and program. Following the delivery and test phase, we often conclude a service agreement with our client to keep our products functioning at their best.


Download our brochure (2016).

Download our bureau presentation (2016).

Download our Praktisch Ideeënboek: Dromen (2014).

Download our brochure, Betrek de bezoeker (2009).*


*In 2012, Museumstudio merged with Louter Vormgeving and became Studio Louter.