Cinematic stories
in drama, documentaries and animation


Animation, documentary, drama, motion mapping, pepper’s ghost

Films can convey an atmosphere and emotion. It makes it easier to clearly explain complicated processes.


When we start making a film, we always start by taking the place and time people will watch it into account. Will it be standing up in a museum, integrated into a website, as decor in a communicative space or quietly in a separate room? This starting point results in various limiting factors influencing the type of film. 


In addition, we always try to find the purpose of the film. Films can help to explain a problem quickly, but they are also extremely suitable for subtly creating an atmosphere or a feeling to enhance the story in a communicative space. Sometimes they can also be used as a dream machine to create an experience of wonderment.


The Studio Louter AV team can produce all types of film in-house, from animation to drama. We also love doing special spatial projections. Projections so special you could not have experienced the same feeling watching it at home on TV. We regularly make ‘holographic’ pepper’s ghosts, mindboggling motion mappings and magical living models. All of our AV productions benefit the overall message of the communicative space they can be seen in.