Rich interaction
though installations, touchscreens and the web

Noordbrabants Museum - De Metamorfose

Games, touchscreens, Kinect, installations, apps and websites

An installation is used to convey something: a story, a fascination, an aesthetic experience. This can only be achieved when the visitor experiences a sense of involvement with what they see. 


Interactives are a means to achieve that goal. They are not just funny gadgets. They must be used in a meaningful way and have to be subservient to the main goal of the communicative space.


Studio Louter devises and produces multimedia concepts. We produce games, touchscreens, Kinect applications, spatial artistic installations, apps and websites.


The studio has a development team that considers technique to be a means and not a goal.


The Studio Louter interactives are rich in appearance and interaction and have a clear purpose. Moreover, we take into account the space in which the interactive is to be used, which is why we actively collaborate with spatial designers. The Studio Louter interactives can therefore be recognised by the way they are seamlessly integrated into the overarching concept.