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Amsterdam Museum: Van Oostsanen

Amsterdam Museum - Van Oostsanen

Catholic Amsterdam in the middle ages as seen by a Dutch Master

‘Van Oostsanen – The first Dutch Master’ is a temporary exhibition about Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen. The exhibition on the works of this painter is spread over three places: The Amsterdam Museum, The Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar and the Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk in Alkmaar. Studio Louter created the storyline and produced the multimedia and AV content.


In the Amsterdam Museum, catholic Amsterdam during the late middle ages sets the scene. A map application allows you to navigate the city in a bird’s eye view, enabling you to discover more about its inhabitants and the most important buildings. The old images are linked to images of the city as it is today, connecting them with the present.


An 11-metre-long wall-size animation of a procession slowly passes by. The visitor meets all layers of the catholic population of Amsterdam. Both Van Oostsanen’s main patrons and the important objects of the exhibition are shown in their context.


Finally, various objects in the exhibition are explained in screens with in-depth information. Slide shows, hotspots and sound fragments are used the show the stories behind them. Van Oostsanen’s life story, art and times are brought to life in the Amsterdam Museum.


Content for exhibition concept

Wall-size animation

In-depth information screen

Interactive map application

In-depth information application




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