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Antoni van Leeuwenhoek: The Story Pond


Support through storytelling

If someone is diagnosed with ‘cancer’, his or her world is upside down. A period follows full of uncertainty, a lot of waiting and often several treatments. The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek asked Studio Louter to create a place in the hospital where patients and their loved ones can find support and help. Together we created the idea of the Story Pond (De Verhalenvijver): an interactive installation that brings visitors in contact with questions and experiences of others who know the disease from up close. Visitors will experience they are not alone.


Studio Louter will design a serene park setting with benches, natural sounds and a projected pond on the floor will be installed in the central hall of the hospital. At the edge of the pond, there are stepping stones with recognizable subjects, such as ‘pain’ and ‘fatigue’. The topics can be explored by standing on a stone. Quotes from other patients about their experiences concerning the chosen subject fill the pond.


Sitting quietly on a bench, patients and their loved ones can explore subjects in the same intuitive way via a touch screen. Here they can read and listen to the stories of fellow patients. Here, they also can discover where to find the right professionals for more help.


At the Story Pond, patients become aware of their own help-questions and feel supported by the hospital and the stories of others.


Permanent installation

in production



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