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Army Museum: Interactive film ‘Under fire’

Legermuseum - Interactieve Film

Military dilemmas in the Army Museum

In this interactive film the visitors decide the course of the Dutch peace mission in Bosnia. What are the choices politicians, officers and soldiers are faced with when they are on modern peace missions? For this special multiplayer application we used a dramatic mix of footage with actors and archival film. ‘Under Fire’ is projected on three large screens. The players are behind their own consoles. All decisions can be discussed. The ayes have it. After a vote, the story continues and the players are faced with the consequences of their decisions – until a new dilemma presents itself.


A unique possibility for the visitor to experience in person that being in a crisis situation often means choosing the lesser of two evils. History takes a new course time and time again, because the visitor has to solve every dilemma the soldiers face. Perspectives constantly change. Sometimes you are in the soldier’s shoes, sometimes in an officer’s and sometimes in an civil servant’s. Do I send Dutch troops to Bosnia to contribute to restoring the peace? Do I give medical attention to a wounded Bosnian in an area not under the UN mandate? Do I choose the safety of my men? What would you do?


“Under fire. Military dilemmas’ deals with the issue in a personal manner. Emotions and moral judgements of the various parties concerned are addressed. In a confronting manner, the film demonstrates the daily life of the soldier on a peace mission and makes it understandable.”

(de Volkskrant).


Certificate for Creative Excellence, US Film and Video Festival 2008.


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