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The Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra: a musical website


Say it with music

The Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra is a symphony orchestra from Arnhem that unites traditional and modern influences in a unique way. Having successfully combined classical music with dance, theatre and other styles of music, something special has arrived. In honour of the Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra’s 125-year anniversary, Studio Louter has developed a unique website to enable people to discover the complex and fascinating structure and emotion of classical music.


On the website, it is possible to create a personalised interactive message to the melody of a piece of music. The text comes into view poetically. The music lends meaning to the words and the words provide a framework for the music. The message is intensified by the rhythm, sound and melody. This fascinating message is very catchy and can be shared with friends. Visitors also receive insightful information about the composer, the piece of music, the structure of classical music, and the orchestra.








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