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Tax and Customs museum: Timeline and Volkswagen

Header_BDM VW

On one another’s shoulders for a better society

The Tax & Customs Museum in Rotterdam gives the visitor the chance to find out more about the story of Dutch taxes from the taxpayer’s perspective. In 2012 we were responsible for the intrinsic concept and the multimedia for the permanent exhibition. Studio Louter is now going to make various new sections for the exhibition.


Fun multimedia in an old Volkswagen

Studio Louter organised a road tax exhibition based around an old Volkswagen which has been adorned with spatial elements and a graphic layer. An iPad application gives visitors the opportunity to take their picture with the car, watch a short film or play a game about road tax to find out more. In so doing you will learn who collects the road tax, why they do it and how it works.


The story of taxes as a work of art

In addition, Studio Louter is making an exhibit which introduces the entire exhibition. In collaboration with Tjep. we are designing an artistic and informative timeline of the history of taxes. The line is borne by all the little figures which stand on each other’s shoulders and help each other up. They show that we all make a contribution to society. The timeline indicates the main taxes. Then there are a number of scenes which explain what those taxes are there for and how the Netherlands has become a fine and comfortable country to live in.



Artistic and informative timeline

iPad film






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