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Hoogeveen Library: The Story Yard

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The story of Hoogeveen: buried and then reconstructed

Studio Louter is involved in the Hoogeveen heritage project as a museum and heritage specialist. Hoogeveen’s former Museum De 5000 Morgen is closed and the municipality has handed the management of the collection over to the library. The library has asked Studio Louter to help it come up with ideas on an innovative way of sharing and presenting Hoogeveen’s heritage.


Together we came up with the Story Yard idea: an active meeting place where Hoogeveen’s inhabitants can build on the stories of Hoogeveen’s past and present. This will consist of a permanent exhibition made up of the collection from the library, a temporary exhibition which – under the direction of a foreman– will be selected and made by the municipality, and finally a workshop where Hoogeveen’s inhabitants can use different ‘tools’ to work on the exhibition. Every temporary exhibition is digitally conserved. Under the motto “From, for and by the inhabitants of Hoogeveen” all the residents can contribute to the collective memory.


The library will recruit external resources to realise this concept.  “Verhalenwerf in Uitvoering” (Story Yard in progress) is currently on display in the library. There is a temporary layout of the museum exhibits, designed by Todd van Hulzen and constructed by volunteers in Hoogeveen which gives an idea of the new direction they are heading in.


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