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British Museum: Arctic Culture and Climate

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An animated time lapse of the melting North Pole

There is no place where climate change is more visible than in the Arctic. Due to global warming, the sea-ice is melting terribly fast. Arctic animals, such as polar bears and narwhals, are in danger. And so are the four million people that inhabit the North Pole. The temporary exhibition Arctic: Culture and Climate in the British Museum focuses on this threat and the culture of the Arctic.


To make the visitors aware of the rapid shrinking of the North Pole, we created a short animation in the introduction room of the exhibition. Visitors see a globe with the well-known European world perspective shifting to the rather unknown circumpolar-perspective with the North Pole in the middle. The animation shows the gradual melting of the ice from 1979 until 2100.


“A powerful graphic at the start reveals how much of the Arctic has already melted. But it gives that reality a new and complex twist.”

Jonathan Jones, The Guardian  —  21 October 2020


photo top right: Umiaq and north wind during spring whaling by Kiliii Yuyan





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