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Council of State: Interactive model

Raad van State - Interactief Poppenhuis

Seen from the inside out

The Council of State is the highest government and parliament advisor and highest administrative court in the country. It resides in a historical complex at the Kneuterdijk in The Hague. Architects Merkx+Girod have realized an extensive restoration and new-build.


Our application is based on the models by Merkx + Girod. Highly detailed photographs of these models have been adapted to form an interactive dolls’ house. By moving your finger over the touchscreen, you navigate through these living models that seem to be lived in by real people. Rooms within the building are brought to life by means of animations. This way stories are unfolded about important historical events and occupants. From Johan van Oldenbarnevelt’s last day of his life to King Willem II signing the 1848 Constitution.


Interactieve application




Merkx + Girod


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