Cruquius Museum: The Grandeur of the Haarlemmermeerpolder


Centuries-long struggle against the water

The Cruquius Museum tells the story of the reclamation of the largest inland lake in the Netherlands: The Haarlemmermeer. The reclamation was accomplished with the aid of milling stations. One of the pumping stations is transformed to a museum. Now the museum is located in one of the pumping stations. For its new permanent exhibition, Studio Louter developed three interactives, two animations, a wall projection, and a soundscape, about the centuries-long struggle against water. Visitors experience the true size and impact of one of the largest hydraulic engineering works in the Netherlands.


The pumps and steam engine that were used to pump out the lake can still be seen in the museum. In an accessible manner, in-depth interactives and animations explain the rich history of the building and the complex process of steam technology.


The eye-catcher of the museum is a large wall projection. With a mix of contemporary film images and archive material, visitors are taken on a journey through the lake of the past and the polder of today. With a car we drove on endless polder roads to capture the size of the area. In the projection the most important moments in the history of the Haarlemmermeer are discussed. From  the brave decision of King Willem I to tame the raging inland sea with revolutionary steam technology to the world news when the gigantic lake was completely dried up.


3 interactives

2 animations

1 wall projection

2 soundscapes


OPERA Amsterdam


Klevr Sounddesign


  • Film
  • Interactive