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Museum Volkenkunde: COOL JAPAN

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The fascination with Japan portrayed by visitors

The Japanese culture captures the imagination around the world. Museum Volkenkunde, the National Museum of Ethnology, is celebrating this fascination with an exhibition on Japanese image culture. But what makes Japan so fascinating? It is a question the museum wants to put to its visitors. And to find the answer, Studio Louter has developed an interactive Kinect application. It enables visitors to portray their associations with Japan in a playful way.


The visitors will not be asked simply to answer a few questions, but to do so by adopting a pose. They are asked, for example, to point out the object or to adopt the pose of the character that is most Japanese. The Kinect camera then captures the answers in images and adds each pose to the assortment of other visitors’ poses. The result is a collective portrayal of the fascination with Japan. From 14 April, everyone can share his or her fascination with Japan and become part of the exhibition Cool Japan.


Interactive Kinect-application



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