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Dutch Literature Museum: 100 films about 100 authors

Letterkundig Museum - 100 films over 100 auteurs

Pantheon with 100 films in the new Literary Museum

In the Pantheon, part of the Literary Museum, the most influential Dutch authors are brought to life in a unique audio-visual project. A hundred films are played on a hundred screens, each with their own story but interlinked by one on-going animation. Together, the hundred screens are part of an overall experience, but each screen also shows a separate story. By using a receiver, visitors can listen to a concise description of the author.



“Hundred authors have also received a separate screen with sound (…) always informative and lively.”

(M. Mathijsen, NRC Handelsblad)


“The biggest surprise of the renovated Literary Museum is the beautifully designed Pantheon. The visitor walks along a hundred screens with ear buds. Per writer a concise, clear story is told.”

(A. Truijens, de Volkskrant)



Winner of the Gouden Reiger, Keying into the Brain media festival 2010. 


100 films




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