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Dutch National Archives: The Memory Palace

Nationaal Archief - Het Geheugenpaleis

A world of boxes lived in by 11 artists

After an extensive refurbishment, the National Archives of the Netherlands re-opened its doors on October 16th with the exhibition ‘The Memory Palace (Het Geheugenpaleis) – with your head in the archives’. Designer Todd van Hulzen and Studio Louter created an enchanting world built from archive boxes.


In this world of boxes, 11 artists arranged 11 mini exhibitions based on documents from the archive. Studio Louter was responsible for the overall concept, helped the NA in supervising the creators and monitored the storyline. In addition, we created several installations. A major data visualization in the heart of the exhibition represents the archive as a completely interactive world, opening up a wealth of information about the archive and its users.


As a moving A-text we developed two animations mapped on the boxed wall to make it look like they open and close.



Winner of the International Museums + Heritage Award, 2014.


1 major data visualization

2 animations




Todd van Hulzen


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