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Dutch Open Air Museum: The Jordaan in Arnhem

Openluchtmuseum Arnhem - Projection mapping

The slums come to life

A piece of the Amsterdam neighbourhood Jordaan in Arnhem. Since 2012, the Dutch Open Air Museum has displayed a number of demolished houses from the Amsterdam Westerstraat. Studio Louter created a projection mapping and an immense graffiti piece to bring the past to life.


At the front are a pub, a post office and a so-called Turkenpension, a boarding house for migrant workers. Behind it is the Pottenbakkersgang, offering access to a number of houses built in 1700 and slummed in the course of the 19th century due to the growing population. In it, people lived in appalling circumstances.


Studio Louter was responsible for the content of the concept, the layout and the multimedia for the slums and the Pottenbakkersgang. Projection mapping based on original material and footage show the extreme circumstances. The wall-size graffiti provides historical information. Perspekt Studios designed and built the pub, post office and Turkenpension at the front.



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