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Enza Zaden: Grow Experience

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Grow with us

In Enkhuizen, the head office of one of the most important vegetable breeders in the world is located: Enza Zaden. The progressive family business asked Studio Louter to tell the story of Enza Zaden in a contemporary guided tour that answers the questions from various visitor groups.


Studio Louter developed the content and graphic style for the Growth Path: a routing along five stations that can be tailored to the needs of a group. In an activating way, the five stations provide information about the location where you are at. As you follow the Growth Path, you will learn everything about vegetable breeding from the development of new crops to the production and distribution of seeds all over the world.


The spectacular highlight of the company tour is the Grow Experience where the story of Enza Zaden comes to life with projection mapping on a greenhouse. In this immersive experience, you experience the extensive process that Enza Zaden goes through in order to produce high-quality seeds. That way you experience what growth is and your experience grows.


In addition to the growth path, Studio Louter developed a graphic tribute to Piet Mazereeuw, the son of founder Jacob Mazereeuw. Piet started breeding new vegetable varieties in the 1950s. The tribute can be seen on the original greenhouse where Piet started breeding vegetables.


Projection mapping

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