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Florence Nightingale Institute: Online expertise centre


The history of health care

The Florence Nightingale Institute (FNI) is the expertise centre of the history of nursing and care. The name Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) was chosen as a tribute to the visionary founder of nursing. In May 2014, the physical Museum voor Verplegers en Verzorgers (Museum of Nurses and Caregivers) was permanently replaced by an online knowledge centre, a project in collaboration with Studio Louter. This is a digital museum in which the objects from the former museum are available in digital form.


Studio Louter came up with the structure and design of the new website. It is a site consisting of several historical files about the health care industry. They cover topics such as maternity care, home care, psychiatry, district nursing and so on. Each file is constructed from several blocks, which include information about these topics: textual information, personal stories, historical photographs, museum objects, videos and surveys alternate each other. Through a personification mode in which each visitor enters some interests, the supply of files adapts to the visitor.


The FNI website also has a specific educational purpose. Teachers and students from the field of health care can come here for custom-made tests in which their knowledge about the history of health care is tested.











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