The Fries Museum: Fries Land

Fries Museum

Fries Land, land of the Frisians

It seems a straightforward question: what is Friesland? But the answer isn’t simple at all. In the Fries Museum, an animated film shows visitors that opinions on Friesland are constantly changing – just like the landscape itself. Studio Louter developed the animation as an introduction to the exhibitions ‘The Eleven Cities’, ‘Ferhaal fan Fryslân [The story of Friesland]’, ‘The Mounds’ and ‘Hindeloopen’.


On a large 3 x 1-metre screen, you can see how the Frisian landscape has changed over the centuries, geologically and geographically. Geological maps show how the effects of land and water have shaped Friesland into the province it is today. In addition, you discover the various meanings that have been given to Friesland. Based on a series of maps, you can see how the land of the Frisians sometimes extends incredibly far in contemporary interpretations.





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