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Fries Museum: We Vikings

508-vinkingen 6

Plundering through Frisia

For the Fries Museum, Studio Louter and OPERA Amsterdam have worked together on the concept and design for the temporary exhibition We Vikings (Wij Vikingen). In this exhilarating exhibition, new insights about Frisia during the Viking era are presented. The term Vikings immediately evoke the image of ferocious, blonde Scandinavian warriors who went on raids along the coasts of Europe with big ships. But the inhabitants of Frisia, who lived along the North Sea coast in an area that extended from Groningen to Zeeland, weren’t that innocent either.


Vikings turn out not to be a people but a lifestyle, in which Frisians, women and children also participated. Viking is a verb. It means plundering for the purpose of monetary gain. Studio Louter brings the Viking age in Frisia to life with large projections. Students of the ROC in Sneek have build a replica of a Viking ship for this exhibition. Objects such as a beard comb, an ear spoon, a flat iron and silver treasures are also on display. You’ll also run into the skeleton of a Viking victim with heel marks. The visitor gets carried away from recognition to horror and is confronted with the question: would you also go Viking?


The image of the ferocious Viking from Scandinavia tilts slowly to the realization that Vikings and Frisians had much in common. Visitors might even discover that their own ancestors went on raids.


The exhibition can be seen from October 19, 2019 – March 15, 2020.


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OPERA Amsterdam


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