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Grote Kerk Alkmaar: The Last Judgement

Grote Kerk Alkmaar - Van Oostsanen

Triptych about an impressive vault painting

High up in the Grote of St. Laurenskerk is ‘The Last Judgment’, a vault painting reminding churchgoers that a sinful life has its consequences. This impressive work of art was painted by Jacob van Oostsanen in 1518 and is definitely worth seeing. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible to do since the painting is so very high up and far away. That is why Opera Amsterdam has designed a triptych for the redevelopment of the church, enabling visitors to take a closer look at the vault painting.


Studio Louter has produced three applications. First, we developed a video player in which a film, produced by Duinzand, explains the highlights of ‘The Last Judgment’. In addition, we produced a zoom application to allow visitors to navigate the painting and zoom in on it while information can be requested on the figures in the story. Finally, we produced a screen with in-depth information on the painter, his work and the restoration of ‘The Last Judgement’ by using six themes. There is no escaping ‘The Last Judgement’. Forewarned is forearmed!


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