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Tax & Customs Museum: redevelopment

Belasting & Douane Museum - Herinricting

Tax and Customs Administrations is listening

The Tax and Customs Museum in Rotterdam has been completely redeveloped. Studio Louter was responsible for the content of the concept and the multimedia. In the museum the visitor is guided through a number of themes. Why do I pay taxes? How does the tax system work, now and in the past? We answer those questions in an artistic way, but also focusing on content. Design studio Tjep. is responsible for the spatial design. A random pick from the various layouts:


The System

The system is an outrageous metal machine that divides income among the tax system and the economy. Giant metal marbles, representing money, roll through it and are divided between the business sector, the treasury and your own savings account. It is an accurate work of art checked by accountants. We have tried to explain this tough subject by focusing on the visitor instead of the tax collector.


The Magic Ceiling

The visitor lies on a (tax) blue bench while his head is being filmed to become part of the animation. It shows what tax money makes possible, from health care to traffic controllers to agricultural subsidies.


Tiende Penning

A retro objects theatre in which objects from the Eighty Years’ War move in showcases, accompanied by music especially composed for the exhibit. As if the Netherlands has risen from a tax war, as it were!


Customs Do Space

On a separate floor, a special exhibition is created for children. In colourful, fun surroundings they learn about borders and they can take part in a smuggling game.






Spacial installations




  • Storyline
  • Content
  • Film
  • Interactive