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Brabant Heritage: The ‘Buurtbank’

Erfgoed Brabant - De Buurtbank

Buurtbank Brabant

The Buurtbank Brabant is a physical and virtual place where stories of the inhabitants of the province of Brabant about objects and intangible heritage of the various museums in Brabant can be recorded and watched. Studio Louter developed an easy to use interviewing tool and a website. Reminiscing can only be successful with the right questions. Good questions are open, but most of all concrete. Because the users are older and not as experienced in using a computer, the application is very user-friendly. To make it attractive to watch the films on the internet, the answers are brief and are played in a loop. The interviews are played both online and in the museum. The interviewing tool is presented in an attractive design by Tjep. to ensure a unity in shots.


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