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Hermitage: From Matisse to Malevich

Hermitage - Interactieve Films

The magical world of art collectors

For the exhibition ‘From Matisse to Malevich’ – The Birth of Modern Art’ we brought the incredible history of the development of a unique modern art collection to life. Two poetic films based on animated photographs explain the rise and almost fall of Sjtsjoekin and Morozov, two immensely rich textile moguls from Moscow, who collected an unprecedented collection of ‘pioneers of modern art’ around 1900.


How can you make something interactive when there are so many visitors around as in the Hermitage? We did not want one person controlling it to an extent that twenty others do not know what is going on. That is why we have limited the interaction to selecting a number of films that can also be watched by ‘onlookers’.


2 interactive films





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