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Mauritshuis: The case of Saul and David

Mauritshuis - De Zaak Saul en David

Practical 2.0 on Rembrandt

This summer the Mauritshuis will concentrate on one painting: Rembrandt’s Saul and David. A century ago it was one of his masterpieces, fifty years ago they decided it wasn’t genuine. In recent years the Mauritshuis has examined and extensively restored the canvas. The result is shared with the public in an innovative new exhibition.


The Mauritshuis asked Studio Louter to think of a concept for the temporary exhibition that explains these complex, hi-tech research techniques in lay terms without glossing over the science. We came up with a modern variation on the old-fashioned art show: an interactive TED-talk. Four large screens show specialists talking passionately about a particular area of research, such as the attribution of the painting or its iconography. As they watch and listen, visitors are able to access more in-depth information on iPads. This reintroduces the old-fashioned practical, but employs the very latest techniques.


4 filmed lectures

4 interactives

Exhibition concept




Opera Amsterdam


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