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International exhibition: ‘To the Netherlands and back’

Manuela Friedrich - Retourtje Nederland

German territory under Dutch government, 1949-1963

In 1949, the Netherlands incorporated 69 square kilometres of German territory with permission of the allies – 10,000 Germans had become Dutch overnight. It would be 14 years before the territory was returned to Germany.


In our touring exhibition this border history comes to life. Through objects and interviews the many practical difficulties that followed from this sudden change in identity are shown. Attention is also paid to the emotional side of the situation. What is it like to suddenly be part of another nation?


The idea for the exhibition came from the Foundation for Culture and Border History under direction of Manuela Friedrich. Studio Louter assisted her with the subsidy applications and together with Todd van Hulzen we have taken care of the concept, design and production of the exhibition and the AV. Todd van Hulzen created a special system to make it possible to tour with this exhibition. The cases made of rough wood have been built without screws so they can be installed like a kit.


The exhibition received considerable attention in the German press and can be seen in Münster, Sittard and Tudderen.


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