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Middachten Castle: Video mapping


A fiery love story

With a special Christmas interior, exuberant flower decorations and an inviting play of light, Middachten Castle in Gelderland transforms into a fairy-tale setting every winter. At the Christmas opening from 15 to 20 December 2016 the historical residents of Middachten were present for the first time. Studio Louter brings the castle’s past back to life with a spectacular video-mapping display projected on the castle on the subject of love and family.


By means of an innovative projection on the castle’s age-old rear fa├žade, we present a glimpse behind the walls of this ancient house. We invite you into the life of a seventeenth-century Lord and Lady of the castle. It is a cycle of love, war, family and disaster. A show for the whole family to enjoy during the festive season.


Video mapping



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