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KNMP: making better better


175 years of making better better

On 10 March 2017, the travelling exhibition ‘Al 175 jaar beter beter door de apotheker’ (175 years of the pharmacist making better better) opened for the first time in the Oude Hortus of Utrecht University Museum. It was a festive start to the 175-year anniversary of the KNMP, the umbrella organisation for both professional pharmacists and the pharmacy in general. Together with the KNMP, we came up with the exhibition with the aim of generating more understanding for the pharmacist profession and developments in the pharmaceutical world.


Studio Louter also developed a ‘tamagotchi’ app to help visitors discover the various tasks of the pharmacist. While playing the app, visitors literally step into the shoes of the pharmacist to help his digital patients, Juub and his family. This is done through playing mini games associated with five panels in the exhibition. Each panel reflects one of the main tasks of the pharmacist. When you are in the neighbourhood of a panel, an iBeacon transmitter activates the game associated with the panel. By completing all of the five games and practising the pharmacist’s work as good as you can, you will help make Juub and his family better better.




Temporary exhibition



Todd van Hulzen


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