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Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences:
Gallery of Humankind

Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen - Galerij van de Mens

It’s no coincidence that I’m a marvel

Studio Louter has designed the multimedia and AV for the new, permanent “Gallery of Humankind” exhibition at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. The human body is a marvellous machine, honed by millions of years of evolution. It is no coincidence that humankind is a marvel.


We demonstrate the wonder of the human body in various ways. We look at human evolution. What makes our evolutionary predecessors different to modern man? What are the revolutionary characteristics of our type? We show how perfectly the human body works. For example, we project the complex process of digestion onto models in a spectacular way. And we provide games with which visitors can test how their bodies are made. Are you just like everyone else?


This exhibition showcases life. It reveals the beauty of human beings and evolution in all their scientific complexity.


5 video mapping projections

5 films

17 interactives

3 tests

Kinect game

8 in-depth information screens




  • Film
  • Interactive