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Lân fan Taal: Frisian Manifesto


Everything is language and language is everything

In 2018, the Frisian city of Leeuwarden will become the European Capital of Culture. An important component of this is Lân fan Taal: a free state that connects people through the use of language.


Studio Louter was commissioned together with designer Anika Ohlerich to give shape to the concept and implementation of this special year in collaboration with partners and the client. We are not only focusing on the design of the space, but mainly on shaping the visitors and users of Lân fan Taal. We are doing this with a manifesto: a set of rules of conduct, principles and design to give visitors the opportunity to express themselves freely. The manifesto ensures that the visual identity of the Lân fan Taal Free State is monitored. In addition to the manifesto, we are also responsible for the visual design of the language exhibition and for overseeing the cohesion between various initiatives in the Lân fan Taal.






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