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M-Leuven: Between Heaven and Earth

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A surprising mixed reality journey through Leuven

Leuven, Belgium, is a city where many realities intertwine. It is the city of Dieric Bouts and Stella Artois, of religion and innovation, of students and artisans. A futuristic gateway with medieval houses that have been rebuilt after the drama of the Great War. A city of destruction, sadness and perseverance, of parties, beer and parades. The many realities of Leuven come together in the centuries-old heart of the city: St. Peter’s Church.


With the latest mixed reality technology, Studio Louter designed a tour with iPad through the versatile past of Leuven from in and around the refurbished St. Peter’s Church. Based on the art treasures in the church, such as the triptych The Last Supper by Dieric Bouts, the visitor discovers the hidden stories behind the treasures in the church. Also, every object is connected to a place in the city. In a new, layered reality, the old Leuven is connected with the new Leuven.


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