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The Navy Museum: Commemorative window

Marinemuseum - Interactief Gedenkraam

A submarine on a journey around the world

The Dutch Navy Museum (Marinemuseum) in Den Helder lets visitors discover and experience the navy up close. Together with the TU Delft, the museum wants to once again draw attention to the journey taken by the Dutch submarine K XVIII. This historic event embodied the ultimate collaboration between navy and science.


The adventurous journey of the K XVIII between the years 1934 and 1935 was intended to restore the honour of the navy. Professor Vening Meinesz and his innovative gravity surveys played an important role during this undersea journey. The navy wanted to support this famous expedition with its submarine and impress the country. And not without success. The 23,000-mile journey across the sea aroused extraordinary interest among the Dutch. Afterwards, a commemorative window was created that immortalised the adventures of this underwater craft. It is not known whether this window still exists.


That is why Studio Louter created a new interactive commemorative window that tells the story of this unique, but long since forgotten journey around the world. Five panels let visitors retrace this journey. Video clips, a map application, objects and graphic elements tell the heroic tale of the K XVIII, its crew, numerous circumnavigations, scientific surveys and departure from Den Helder and arrival in Soerabaja.


Interactive commemorative window


Todd van Hulzen


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