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The Navy Museum: naval battle

Fotografie: DigiDaan

Two sets of friends, two eras, two naval battles

2017 is the anniversary of two very different Dutch naval battles: the glorious Raid on the Medway in 1667 and the disastrous Battle of the Java Sea in 1942. Studio Louter was commissioned by the Navy Museum to come up with the concept and develop multimedia for a temporary exhibition. Studio Louter enables visitors to relive the experiences of the sailors who really fought in the two naval battles by reconstructing these past events.


In the Chatham exhibit, visitors can follow the story of Thijs the weapons master’s mate and Joris the marine. In exciting films and interactives, visitors can sail in a sloop to Sheerness fort or set fire to the strongest English warships. The atmosphere of the Battle of the Java Sea on the other hand is muted. It is an undersea world which focuses on commemoration and remembrance of this tragic battle. In animated films, visitors trace the stories of Alex, a navy nurse, and Crommelin, the oldest officer, who are involved in an unwinnable battle. The exhibition therefore serves as recognition of the brave sailors who risk their lives for their homeland.



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