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Marines Museum: What’s it like in Uruzgan?

Mariniersmuseum - Twittertentoonstelling

The world’s first twitter exhibition

Afghanistan is in the newspapers on a daily basis, but it is miles apart from the world as it is perceived by soldiers. This exhibition in the Marines Museum in Rotterdam makes their world tangible by using their own means of communication: home videos, photographs, weblogs and twitter. We have sent a number of video cameras to Uruzgan for the marines to capture their own experiences. We have edited their footage as little as we could. In addition, the marines wrote short messages in which they kept track of their activities by the hour. All this input made this exhibition a unique and original experience of the everyday reality of the marines in Uruzgan. Now, the material is used as a base for the permanent Marines Museum exhibition about this mission.


Exhibition concept


4 journal projections

6 archival films




  • Storyline
  • Content
  • Film