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The Mauritshuis: educational program

Mauritshuis - Educatief Programma Interactieve Website

Learning in a painted world

We developed two educational programmes for the Mauritshuis that prepare primary school students for a visit to the museum. The youngest children, groups 1 through 4, go on a journey of discovery through the Mauritshuis. This is an illustrated world full of cheerful details in which they learn as they play what a museum is and which are the most important pieces on display in the Mauritshuis.


Play the Mauritshuis for beginners.


We developed the Golden Age Quiz for groups 5 through 8. The quizmaster draws them into the paintings in the Mauritshuis. Literally, because he himself walks around inside! The class has to answer his questions. Which group will win the challenge?


Play the Golden Age Quiz.


Both lessons have been specially developed for digital applications. Thus, the lessons can be given in a classroom setting.




2 interactive educational programmes





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