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Tax and Customs Museum: new pieces

Belasting en Douanemuseum - Interview Belastingdeskundige

A journey through the world of taxes

The Tax and Customs Museum in Rotterdam familiarises the visitor with the Dutch history of taxes from the point of view of the taxpayer. Why am I paying taxes? How does the taxation system work? In 2012 we provided the contents and the multimedia for the general arrangement. Now, Studio Louter will develop new elements for the exposition.


For the ‘experts exhibit’, we interviewed Midas Dekker and Heleen Dupuis in the past. This section has now been elaborated on with an interview with Antoine Bodar. He addresses the question as to why we pay taxes from a religious point of view. Besides this, the interactive application in the ‘office exhibit’ will also be improved. Starting now, the visitor can view over a hundred commercials from the tax authorities. Experience the zeitgeist and the changes from 1969 to 2012. For the silver display, an animated film will be created to provide more information about the silver hallmarks.







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