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Municipality of Dalfsen: The Treasure of Dalfsen

Gemeente Dalfsen - Bezoekers bij het familiepad

Ancient Funnelbeaker families

While preparing the land for a new residential development in 2015, the municipality of Dalfsen happened on some very important archaeological finds. In particular, the site of the impressive burial ground from the Funnelbeaker period is of inestimable archaeological value. Its about 120 graves and rich collection of funnelbeakers makes it the biggest Stone Age burial site in the Netherlands.


Studio Louter developed a concept to open the Dalfsen Treasure to public. In the grasslands where the burial ground has been found, the ‘Family Path’ is realized. It is a path that showcases the various questions that families from Dalfsen have asked their 5000 year old ancestors. Some of the questions have already been answered by experts, other questions are open for discussion. In this way, the ‘Family path’ stimulates both Dalfsen families and tourists to wonder and talk about the Funnelbeaker people. It provides the community with a sense of involvement in their own heritage and it teaches tourists something about the history of the municipality of Dalfsen, Overijssel and the Netherlands.


Concept development



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