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Museum Broekerveiling: Living off the Land

Museum Broekerveiling - Rijk der Duizend Eilanden

A new permanent exhibition in Broek op Langedijk

In Museum Broekerveiling in Broek op Langedijk you can experience the life’s journey of a cabbage in the magnificent Realm of Thousand Islands. From sowing to reaping, from auction to consumption. Walking from island to island, you discover the life of the land in this area full of water. An adventurous and varied journey in which you can collect coins and protect cabbages from the caterpillars. There are meetings with former market gardeners, babies growing out of cabbages and a talking potato. We developed the storyline, interactives, AV and exhibition texts for this new permanent exhibition.


Important principle in the exhibition concept is that every subject is approached from four different angles, each tailored to a different target audience. Children can learn about various economic principles while they play. Foreign tourists learn more about folklore and tradition. Regional visitors are taken on a trip through the history of the area they live in and eco-tourists learn everything there is to know about sustainable agriculture.


The exhibition is introduced by two very special installations. The Auction Day (Veildag) is an experience in which live images are projected that are included in a series of models. And the Realm of Thousand Islands is introduced through projection mapping, bringing a model of the area to life. On the table you can even see the market gardeners transporting their merchandise to the auction by boat.



Honorable Mention, MUSE Awards 2010: For the installation ‘Auction Day’.




Exhibition concept

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