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Museum Rotterdam’40-’45 NOW: Educational program

Museum Rotterdam '40-'45 NU - Interactieve tafel

Pass it on

The Museum Rotterdam ‘40-’45 NOW underwent a renewal project. Education was a high priority in this and Studio Louter developed the new educational program. When visiting the museum, students discover the amazing stories behind the many objects on show at the museum. They read about charred biscuits during the bombing, a box in which cats were caught during the famine in the winter of 1944, a doll house made by a person in hiding and many other stories.


The heart of the new set-up is an eight-meter long interactive table. At these tables students work in pairs to make presentations about the stories they have read. They pass the story on in their own way. The table provides the resources and the tools to make the presentations. The presentations are subsequently included in the museum’s collection. Visitors can use an app to unlock these stories. They see both the museum text and the text from the presentations of the students. This way, old objects remain relevant for young visitors. The stories of the past are passed on to a new generation.


The redesign of the Museum Rotterdam ‘40-’45 NOW is a joint project. Together with Tinker Imagineers, OPERA Amsterdam and the Peace Education Foundation, Studio Louter worked on the new museum.


Educational program


Production period: 2014

Delivery: February 2015


Spatial design:

OPERA Amsterdam



Tinker Imagineers


  • Storyline
  • Content
  • Film
  • Interactive