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Museum De Timmerwerf: Son et lumière


Age-old craftsmanship comes back to life

Museum De Timmerwerf (the carpenter’s yard) is housed in a centuries-old building, which has been a carpentry business since 1642. The craftsmanship has been passed on from generation to generation and so have the tools, which are still in the attic. The museum has asked Studio Louter to tell the stories behind these historical treasures by presenting the tools in a contemporary way.


In the attic of the museum, multiple projections and a timed light and sound show puts every unique tool in the spotlight. The disappeared world of carpenters is slowly coming back to life: sounds like sawing and carpentry can be heard and a voice-over takes the visitor on a journey through the 350-year-old story of the carpentry. A graphic design layer provides historical and technical information about the objects.


In an interactive in-depth-screen, the visitor finds extra information and film images that show the applications of the tools. The tools were used for, among other things, the maintenance of mills, the making of water pumps and the construction of haystacks. The mills are no longer there, but the tools and the story live on at the carpenter’s yard.


Permanent light and sound installation

in production



  • Storyline
  • Film
  • Interactive