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National Museum of Qatar: meander through history


Playing at the river bed

On March 28 2019, the highly anticipated and impressive National Museum of Qatar opened in Doha. It was designed by the award-winning French Atelier Jean Nouvel. Together with OPERA Amsterdam, Studio Louter developed the concept for six permanent family exhibits. Three of the six family exhibitions are produced by Studio Louter and we also created a number of in-depth stations. Our colleague Olga was on site for six months as a Creative Director of all digital media in the museum.


The National Museum of Qatar tells the story of the rich history of the country, the heritage and the people through an immersive museum experience. For the 1.5 kilometres long meandering exhibition, we created six clearly recognizable areas for families just like along a river bed: a sheltered space where you can rest and play. Here, the story of Qatar is told for families and children from five to fifteen years old, in an interactive, narrative and exciting way.


We created digital and interactive games and projections for the family exhibitions Archaeology, Life on the Coast and Oil and Gas. Children experience what it’s like to dig up archaeological treasures in a digitally projected desert and learn what these objects tell about how people lived in the past. The Persian Gulf is brought to life with a large projection, allowing children to ‘dive’ for pearls like people used to do in the past and they can conduct schools of fish with their bodies. Here you can see a glimpse of it. Also, children learn that energy is derived from different sources and they can walk on an interactive map to find energy sources from sun, wind, gas and oil in order to light up Qatar.


6 permanent Family Exhibits

In-Depth stations



OPERA Amsterdam

Shosho (animaties)
Kiss The Frog


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