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Naturalis: the power of plate tectonics

532 - Naturalis Koken met de Aardkloot

Cook with the earth

For the new permanent exhibition at Naturalis, Studio Louter created a film about plate tectonics with everyday materials. The film The Power of Plate Tectonics is part of the exhibition Earth. The exhibition explains the geological history of the earth by zooming in on four countries where important geological phenomena are literally close to the surface: Iceland, Japan, Hawaii and Brazil.


In a typical Icelandic holiday home, visitors can watch a film that is more reminiscent of a cooking program than a geographic film. Experiments with everyday ingredients such as avocado, vegetable soup and chocolate cake explain the geological phenomena in the rest of the room in an accessible and playful way. From now on avocado is no longer just a fruit, but the skin the earth’s crust, the flesh the movable mantle and the kernel earth’s hot core.


Objects from the exhibition can be seen in the film. This creates a concrete connection between the film and the rest of the exhibition.


“We love it! An educational subject presented in an interesting, playful way which attracts and holds the attention of young and old. Education in an engaging way. And after every shot you will be rewarded for watching. This film is rightly in the top of the nominees of the creativity/innovation category!”

一 Jury Avond van de Opdrachtfilm 2020




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