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Neeltje Jans: Delta Experience

Neeltje Jans

Why we need this dam

Deltapark Neeltje Jans is located at the foot of the largest storm surge barrier in the world. What is the story behind this immense structure? Neeltje Jans asked Studio Louter to explain the history of the Dutch struggle against water in a way that is innovative, accessible and lively.


The answer is an impressive panoramic 3D animation that allows visitors to experience the devastating power of water. It is the story of the largest post-war natural disaster in the Netherlands. Visitors get a sense of what happened in Zeeland on the night of 31 January 1953, a historic event that was not captured on film. See and experience how the North Sea waves wiped out part of the Netherlands.


Once the storm subsides, a waterfall of archive images will appear. You will see the damage caused by the disaster as well as the reconstruction of Zeeland and the construction of the Delta works. The educational film warns visitors about the threat that water poses: will the Delta works be able to protect us in the future?


Educational panorama experience


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