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Science Center NEMO: World of Shapes

NEMO - Wereld van Vormen

Shape your World

Mathematics, especially geometry, is part of NEMO’s new permanent collection. Visit a world of geometric shapes in which you can play with optical illusions and perspective. Visitors discover mathematical principles in a playful manner. Draw a pattern in the sun, go for a drive in cars with square wheels or see yourself as a giant in the Ames room. Shoot an infinite film of yourself, let a computer will predict your shoe size according to your height and mix your face with, for example, that of Obama.


Studio Louter developed this concept in collaboration with designer Todd van Hulzen. We also created the graphic layers, the multimedia and AV for NEMO.


The performance of the concept is shown in this video.




4 interactives

3 films




Todd van Hulzen


  • Content
  • Film
  • Interactive