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Noordbrabants Museum: A metamorphosis

Noordbrabants Museum - De Metamorfose

129 items for the Noordbrabants Museum

Studio Louter developed as many as 129 items for the renovated Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch; from models to animations. In the museum, which focuses on the history, art and culture in the province of North Brabant, personal accessibility is key. For this project we were responsible for the AV and multimedia while Opera Amsterdam was responsible for the spatial concept and the design.


Phase 1

Visitors meet Pieter Brueghel de Oude in his studio, hear modern artists such as Guido Geelen passionately talk about colours and materials and feel for the Romans on their explorations through modern day Brabant. On screens arranged throughout the entire museum in-depth information can be found. The content of all screens is managed from one central CMS, allowing the museum to manage their own content and adapt it when required by current events. Several discovery stations have been developed for children. On these interactive touchscreens they can play games or create art to leave something of themselves behind. The archaeology room especially is a children’s favourite. By means of funny films about Romans, who keep popping up in all AV and multimedia, and projection mapping in which a farm from ancient times is brought back to life, they are taken to the Noord-Brabant of two thousand years ago.


Phase 2

In the Brabantzaal, the visitor travels through time in giant paces. Ranging from Noord-Brabant in the Middle Ages until far into the future. Here you take a stroll through historic Den Bosch, you can predict the future in the future arena and the history of Brabant unfolds itself on an interactive map in the floor. In the meantime the ‘bonnets’ keep chatting in the various Brabant dialects and the ghost of Frederik Hendrik appears to recount the siege of Den Bosch.


81 films and animaties
45 interactives
3 motion mapping projections



Opera Amsterdam.


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