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The municipality of Dalfsen: family road

Studio Louter_Oosterdalfsen

5,000 years of family life in Oosterdalfsen

Studio Louter is working together with urban-development firm MUST to design the neighbourhood of Oosterdalfsen in the oldest part of Dalfsen. Archaeological finds from the Funnelbeaker culture and Merovingian grave goods show that families have been living here for 5,000 years.


Studio Louter and MUST are reintroducing this archaeology in a playful way in the public space. Local residents, for example, will be able to barbecue on the very spot where the first hunter-gatherers prepared their food. The public space not only informs residents about the unique history of their neighbourhood, but also encourages local people to come together. And in this way the current generation of residents will come into contact with families of past and present.


Design of public space




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