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Paisley Museum Reimagined: Refurbishment


A radical museum

The Paisley Museum is being radically refurbished. The redesign of the museum is part of a grant plan for Paisley to become an international cultural hotspot. Together with OPERA Amsterdam, Studio Louter is working on the brand new exhibition design for the Scottish museum. We do this in close collaboration with award-winning architect firm AL_A, who creates the design for the renovation of the building.


The museum has opted for a bottom-up approach. It will tell the stories of the working class, the outcasts and the non-conformists. Paisley has a rich history of industry, innovation and resistance. This is what the museum wants to celebrate. In the late 70s and 80s for example, the city was the centre of Punk Rock in Scotland. The Punkers of that time now share their stories in the museum. In the nineteenth century, the city had an important textile industry – famous for the Paisley motif. The unknown stories of that time, of women and the so-called draw boys who worked as a child in the weaving mills, are given a place in the museum.


One hundred extraordinary everyday stories have been collected. Studio Louter creates a unique and meaningful setup for every story. The presentation rejects all forms of hierarchy: all stories are equally important. In addition to the stories, we develop an interactive weaving studio where the weaving process is made insightful to the visitor. A heritage and archive centre and workshop space are also part of the redesign. An immersive introduction room prepares the visitor for the journey through the museum. The patchwork of stories and objects gives the visitor a colourful and versatile picture of the history of Paisley and its residents.



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