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Philips Museum: Philips Design Tour


Augmented Reality tour about Philips Design

Philips Design makes much more than just great products. Behind every design lies a vision that provides a solution to existing challenges. To get this message across, the Philips Museum launched an innovative Augmented Reality tour during the 2017 Dutch Design Week. Studio Louter developed the world’s first AR tour with ARKit for the Philips Museum.


The Philips Design Challenge tour takes you on a journey of nine challenges, during which you will discover the vision behind iconic products. Through the use of revolutionary technology, the possibilities are endless. Travel back to 1958 to visit the Philips Pavilion at the World’s Fair, switch on the Eiffel Tower illuminations and step into a world full of Philips Design classics. It gives you the opportunity to experience the genesis and versatility of Philips Design in a way that reflects this innovative design department.
Dirk on ARKit: ‘Previous Augmented Reality apps always needed a so-called marker. This enabled you to create a limited virtual image. ARKit, on the other hand, has unleashed a revolution. The new platform makes it possible to create virtual spaces in which you can move with complete freedom. In the Philips Museum, for example, we enable visitors to walk through a virtual hospital. And this is just the beginning of the limitless possibilities that AR offers.


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Photos: Christ Clijsen


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