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PIT: Interactive safety expo

PIT - Interactieve Veiligheidsexpo

For a safer life

Visit PIT and experience the importance of the work done by the police, fire brigade and medical emergency services. Discover what you yourself can do to make your life safer. Put out a fire, solve a murder, test how safe and secure your home is, or take a look into the future. “But whatever you do, (never) get caught on camera when go-karting!


Studio Louter created the exhibition concept for PIT in collaboration with OPERA Amsterdam. We wrote the storyline and produced all AV productions and multimedia: some 75 screens and projections with games, animations, films, reports and self-tests. The PIT pass (RFID) connects all interactives and allows visitors to save practical information about safety and to receive posters and photos that have been made during the visit. A great memory to take home with you.


PIT opened in April and already is well-visited by families with young children and safety branch professionals. The NOS (Netherlands Broadcasting Corporation) had an item about the new expo.


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2 interactive projections

7 reports

8 selftests

9 games

10 in-depth information screens

10 animations

11 interviews

22 archival films



  • Storyline
  • Content
  • Film
  • Interactive