ProDemos: From Wish to Bill


Make your own law

What is decided politically in The Hague affects all Dutch People, adults, but also children. ProDemos in The Hague has the task of informing students about this political influence. ProDemos asked Studio Louter to develop an educational program for high school students. During their visit to The Hague, pupils learn how they have an influence on politics and how politics affects them.


The educational program starts in the classroom, where students prepare a bill that they can use during their visit to ProDemos. Once in The Hague, students carry out interactive assignments on a tablet in small groups. Each assignment represents one of the steps in the road to a new bill. By taking pictures, voting, and drawing, the students interactively become acquainted with the democratic process: from demonstrating for a new policy to signing the law by the king.


All assignments together form an animation film in which the students can see themselves and their own bill. The film is shared with the teacher so that the class can discuss the assignments after their visit.


Educational program



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